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The David Mayfield Parade

American folk-rack band

Personal Life

David Mayfield began his career in music as a child, playing bass and touring with his family’s bluegrass band. He later learned to play guitar and mandolin, and began performing as a solo artist under the name “David Mayfield” in the early 2000s. Before he became famous, he released several independent albums, including “The Clearview Sessions” and “Good Man Down”. He also worked as a producer, and collaborated with a number of other artists in the folk and Americana genres.

Despite his success within the music industry, David Mayfield remained relatively unknown to mainstream audiences until the formation of The David Mayfield Parade in 2009. The band’s self-titled debut album was released that same year, and it received positive reviews from critics. Since then, David Mayfield has continued to build his reputation as a respected musician and producer, and has collaborated with a number of high-profile artists in the folk and Americana scenes.


The David Mayfield Parade is an American folk-rock band led by singer-songwriter David Mayfield. He began his career as a self-taught musician, performing with his family’s bluegrass band from a young age. He later formed The David Mayfield Parade, which released its debut album in 2010.

The band’s music is known for its eclectic blend of roots, folk, and pop influences, and has been compared to the work of artists like The Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons. The David Mayfield Parade has toured extensively throughout the United States and has played at several high-profile music festivals, including Bonnaroo and MerleFest. David Mayfield is also known for his work as a producer, having worked with a number of other artists in the folk and Americana genres.


Did You Know?

David Mayfield, the frontman of the band, comes from a family of musicians and began performing with his family's bluegrass band at the age of 5. According to the search results, he played bass and toured with the band throughout his childhood, and later learned to play guitar and mandolin. David's musical background and training in bluegrass have influenced the band's sound, which incorporates a wide range of roots and pop influences. David is also known for his skills as a songwriter and has been praised for his ability to craft catchy and memorable songs.

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