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Well hey there!

My name is Robert, and I produced Ted’s List throughout the Covid lockdown of 2020. But I’m sure you’re wondering why I called the website Ted’s List then…

Going back to 2015, I transformed from being a fun-loving young musician, right into a ‘proper adult’! I had a newborn (well my wife did!) – and little Teddy came into the world. And like his Daddy, since he could make music; he has.

And since Ted went to school, I had his buddies as well as their parents constantly ask me for tips on music and learning a musical instrument. So how could I assist them?

Ted’s List was obviously the answer.

Robert Emery

Meet Our BASSOON Champion

Jonathan Davies
Jonathan Davies
Ted's Bassoon Champion

Would You Like To Become A Fantastic Bassoonist?

Well, that’s precisely what we are here for.

The Ted’s List team is made up of qualified, performing, world-class musicians. They are the very best people to help guide you; especially as there is so much incorrect information around on the internet…

Do you know that to teach music, absolutely no qualification is needed. Nothing. This means you could be getting advice about what you should buy, recommendations & methods from someone who has never formally learnt their musical instrument.

You’d be blown away the number of bassoon teachers I ask about the difference between double bassoon and contrabassoon, and they don’t know the answer!

That’s where our experts come in. And no, in contrast to other websites which shall remain nameless, our experts are real-life, performing, professional musicians. They are the finest in the business, in either the UK or the United States. Some are even famous names. And all love writing bassoon reviews!

Finally, if you’re looking for bassoon tutorials, click here.

Bassoon | Getting Started

Do you want to learn the Bassoon? Playing a wind instrument can be enormous fun, but starting a musical instrument (especially one from the woodwind family) from the very beginning can be quite challenging.

Research is critical. Read some Bassoon Reviews. Find out what Bassoon is going to be best for you, and remember to get the very best instrument you can afford to buy. 

Next is finding a teacher. Playing the Bassoon can be difficult, so you must find a great, qualified teacher, right from the start. Your teacher will not only help you learn the instrument, but teach you to read music, an excellent overall understanding of music theory, and even how to make your own reeds.

Research is excellent, but don’t do too much of it! You could spend years learning the theory of an instrument, but it doesn’t mean you can actually play it! To be able to do that, you’ll need to put the Bassoon to your mouth and actually start making a noise…

Here at Ted’s List, we have some of the worlds finest musicians giving you free tips, tricks and advice. So if you would like to find out more about your woodwind instrument, or read other Bassoon Reviews, please do visit our dedicated page here.

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4 Feature Friday Dno

So what exactly is the 4 Feature Friday? If you wish to discover four remarkable things about musical instruments that you perhaps didn’t already know, then sign up to find out…

Come and join in and have some fun. It is, in the end, exactly why we play music! Just simply click the button directly below…