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Meet Our Champions

Nicola Benedetti Violin Champion
Nicola Benedetti
Ted's Violin Champion
Sheku Kanneh-Mason Cello Champion
Sheku Kanneh-Mason
Ted's Cello Champion
Catrin Finch Harp
Catrin Finch
Ted's Harp Champion
Lawrence Power
Lawrence Power
Ted's Viola Champion
Dominic Seldis
Dominic Seldis
Ted's Double Bass Champion

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Your search is over! The Founder of Ted’s List, Robert Emery, has a hectic career as an international conductor, record producer and pianist. Our aim isn’t to sell you expensive programs that you’ll never take advantage of. Our aim is to assist you. Exactly like Robert wanted to help his son, Teddy, by obtaining genuine information from friends who are actually world-class professional musicians.

Shocking simple fact coming up: I guess you didn’t realize that there is basically no responsibility for your instrumental instructor to have been professionally trained. But surely they require some kind of certification to be able to take peoples hard-earned cash? Not at all. If you wanted to, you could turn around tomorrow and call yourself a music teacher! Nuts aren’t it…

You wouldn’t believe just how many teachers who confuse violins with violas! And because of all this madness, we try to be a safe pair of hands – shedding light with genuine, well-researched reviews and information from fully trained, amazing professional musicians. A few of whom you’ll even recognise; or perhaps seen in concert!

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So what exactly is the 4 Feature Friday? It’s a list of four things, every Friday, that our boss (and generally awesome guy) Robert Emery has uncovered. The one guideline is the fact that it must be about music; so if he uncovered the next Egyptian burial place, I’m afraid he won’t tell you!

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