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Hi there...

My name is Robert, and I built Ted’s List throughout the Covid lockdown of 2020. But I’m confident you’re wanting to know why I named the website Ted’s List then…

Going all the way back to 2015, I evolved from being a fun-loving young musician, into a ‘proper adult’! I had a child (well my wife did!) – and little Teddy came into the world. And like his Daddy, since he could make music and songs; he has.

But exactly how could I help Teddy’s friends and parents with their musical learning?

Ted’s List was of course the answer.

Robert Emery

Meet Our DRUMMING Champion

Stewart Copeland Robert Emery
Stewart Copeland
Ted's Drum Champion

Would You Like To Play The Drums?

Well, that’s just what we are here for.

The Ted’s List writers are all amazing, professional musicians. Making use of their experience, no one can help you better; especially as there appears to be a lot of awful advice on other websites…

There is no certification necessary to teach music. Nothing at all. Shocking, I know – but true. What this means actually, is that you may be receiving incorrect advice from someone calling themselves a ‘professional musician’; but who may have never formally trained.

You wouldn’t believe how many drum teachers don’t know the difference between a teardrop and barrel drum sticks.

And that is why you’ll love the content created by our amazing writers. There is nothing better than getting the tips and trade secrets from a serious specialist. And above all, they enjoy creating drum accessory reviews; plus they love assisting budding drummers.

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Come and join in and have some fun. It is, of course, the reason why we perform music! Just click the button directly below…