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Amazing Bassoon Tutorials

Meet Our BASSOON Champion

Jonathan Davies
Jonathan Davies
Ted's Bassoon Champion
Bassoon | Getting Started

They say that the bassoon is one of, if not the most difficult musical instruments to learn. Period.

But that’s not going to stop somebody like you, is it? Somebody who likes challenges as much as you do?

And when you start mastering the bassoon, you will be able to make music that’s as unique as the instrument it comes out of. It’s going to make you a rather unique musician too, as there aren’t a lot of bassoonists out there, to begin with!

So, how do you start? Well, with a series of great bassoon tutorials, of course. But not just any other tutorial: those that come from several of the world’s renowned professionals, which you can access for free. 

That’s what you will get if you choose Ted’s List, our website, to start your bassoon learning journey. We have contents on how to play the bassoon, how to improve your technique, how to get quality practice sessions, and we even have Bassoon Reviews to help you choose the right instrument for your bassoon lessons.  

With all the tips and tricks to bassoon playing that you can see here, your bassoon playing will be on a whole new level in no time.

So jump in!