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Ben Thomson Tuba
Ben Thomson
Ted's Tuba Champion
Tuba | Getting Started

Do you want to learn the Tuba? Playing a brass instrument, especially such a crazy big one such as a Tuba, can be enormous fun!  But it can at some times feel a bit daunting… 

For a brass instrument, we would highly recommend getting a great teacher. The shape and position of your lips, facial muscles, tongue and teeth make a huge difference when playing a brass instrument. The technical term is called the embouchure. It really can be the difference of you actually making a sound – or not… Yes, it’s that important!

Alongside your teacher, you’ll find our Tuba Tutorials a real help.  They’ll get you improving your technique in no time. And if you would like to find out more about your brass instrument and read other Tuba Reviews, please do visit our dedicated page here.

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