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Beginner's Guide To Learning Piano

Getting started with learning the piano

Our Beginner’s Guide To Learning Piano\u200b provides the assistance and advice you need to start your musical journey. We believe our guide to beginning piano is the finest resource available online.\u00a0 It offers you all the essentials to start playing the piano in the most economical way.\u00a0 So why wait…

Beginner'S Guide To Learning Piano​

The piano is the worlds most popular instrument.  Start reading the Beginner’s Guide To Learning Piano with this article.

Our top 20 list of interesting piano facts.

Are you looking for a piano or keyboard, but a bit bamboozled at all the options? Let us assist you with our world-class experts, giving world-class advice.

Are you looking for traditional fact-to-face lessons? Or thinking about self-learning through video tutorials, or an app – we can help you find the right style of learning for you.

You can do all the research in the world. Reading our Beginner’s Guide To Learning Piano can help enormously.  But sometimes you just need to dive in, and just start playing.  We can give you the confidence to do this.

Technique is everything.  Get it right from the beginning. You’ll learn faster and more efficiently.  Get it wrong, and not only will you be slower and less efficient, but further down the line you’ll get into trouble with tension pain, RSI and other horribly achy things.  It can all be avoided by starting off with the right technique.

Playing the piano is a completely different skill from learning to read sheet music.  Just as learning reading and write go hand in hand, they are nevertheless different skills.  Learning to play and read music is the same.  We believe in splitting up these tasks into two clear categories. Attacking them from different angles.

We all have good days and bad days.  The difference between successful people and those who struggle. Is that the winners know how to motivate themselves through the bad days.  Read our guide to piano practice to find out more.

Everything you’ll ever need to know, in one handy FAQ page.

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