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Leland Sklar
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Bass Guitar | Getting Started

For those who know a thing or two about how music actually works, you should be aware of how important the bassline is for the music to sound full and well-rounded. Without those low notes, the music will sound flat!

As such, a bassist is one of (if not the) most important member of any musical act, and that’s a fact.

So why not learn the bass guitar?

We’ll help you get started. If you’re looking for the best bass guitar tutorial out here on the internet, Ted’s List is your greatest option out there.

Here’s why.

Learning the bass guitar from us will be the most fun you’ll ever have studying a musical instrument because you will be learning from the best. We have articles for improving your technique, having quality practice sessions, how to read bass guitar sheet music, even Bass Guitar reviews to help you pick out the right one for your bass guitar lessons.

Only the world’s greatest, real-life working professionals write for us here, and their advice, tips, and tricks are everything you’ll ever need to master this underrated but still great instrument in its own right.

Now that we got you interested, why not get started taking bass guitar lessons and start your journey to being a pro? We’ll take care of letting you soak up all the bits of information you can to get you on your feet.

So jump in! With our help and your dedication, you can become the greatest bassist you can be, and that’s a guarantee.

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I became a father in 2015. Teddy came into the world and has been loving music ever since. Music is my life and passion, touring the world as a conductor and pianist, playing with the world’s most remarkable talents.

Since Ted started going to school, his friends and their parents constantly asked for advice on music and studying a musical instrument. How can I help them, then?

And that’s how Ted’s List started.

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Bass Guitar Tutorials

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