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Hi there

I’m Robert, and I’m lucky to have been a professional musician since the age of 16.  But if my name is Robert, why is my website called Ted’s List?!?

In 2015 I became a Dad. Teddy entered the world and has since gone on to love music as much as I do.  Music is my life and passion, touring the world as a conductor and pianist, performing with the most amazing talents on this planet. But how could I help Teddy’s friends and parents with their musical education?  Ted’s List is the answer.

I have a thriving career as a musician, so I don’t need to ‘sell you’ music lessons or expensive courses to make money.  My friends and I can simply give real advice as pro-musicians, and that’s what makes us different.

You can access all of the content without signing up to a single thing.  Although if you like what you see, come and join our growing community Facebook Group here .  

Apart from that, good luck with your musical quest – and if we can help at all, just drop a note in the comment box…

Robert Signature

P.S. That’s the super short version of my life. You can get the full story of my twenty-year career on my website here… 

P.P.S Don’t forget to join our email list!

Meet Our Champions

Stewart Copeland Robert Emery
Stewart Copeland
Ted's Drum Champion
Russell Watson Robert Emery
Russell Watson
Ted's Singing Champion
Nicola Benedetti Violin Champion
Nicola Benedetti
Ted's Violin Champion
Brian May Guitar Champion
Brian May
Ted's Electric Guitar Champion
Lang Lang Rehearsing At The Royal Albert Hall
Lang Lang
Ted's Piano Champion
Lesley Garrett