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Hello there...

I’m Robert, and I’m fortunate to have been a professional musician since the age of 16. However, if my name is Robert, how come my website is called Ted’s List?!

In 2015 I became a Father. Teddy entered the world and has since gone on to love music as much as I do. Music is definitely my life and passion, touring the world as a conductor and pianist, performing with the most amazing talents on this planet.

And since Ted went to school, I had his buddies together with their parents constantly ask me for suggestions about music and studying a musical instrument. So how could I help them?

Ted’s List was of course the answer.

Robert Emery

Meet Our PERCUSSION Champion

Evelyn Glennie
Dame Evelyn Glennie
Ted's Percussion Champion

Do You Want To Play The Percussion?

Well in that case we have the perfect ideas, tricks and helpful content for you.

The Ted’s List writers are all excellent, qualified musicians. Because of their experience, no one can assist you to better; especially as there appears to be a huge amount of poor advice on other websites…

There is absolutely no certification needed to teach music. Absolutely nothing at all. Shocking, I know – but true. What this means in reality, is that you could be receiving wrong advice from somebody calling themselves a ‘professional musician’; but who has never properly trained.

You’d be amazed at the number of percussion teachers I ask about the difference between a bass drum and a snare drum, and they don’t know the answer!

And that is why you’ll enjoy this content produced by our amazing authors. There is nothing better than getting the recommendations and trade secrets from a real expert. And more importantly, they really like creating percussion reviews; and they love assisting budding percussionists.

If you are looking for tutorials on percussion, then click here.

Percussion | Getting Started

Playing percussion can be tremendous fun, but with so many different instruments, it can be a bit daunting at the start.

Firstly, we would recommend that you do your research. Read some Percussion Reviews. Find out what instruments are worth getting now, and what can wait until later. 

Then do more research about ways of learning; two areas to cover are:

  • Self-taught VS finding a teacher
  • What accessories will make your learning more comfortable and more effective

A little research goes a long way, and this will hopefully give you the confidence to start strongly.  Once you have the research behind you, it’s just a case of getting on with it – just start playing!

Playing any musical instrument can be one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do. Still, it can also be one of the most exhilarating. 

Here at Ted’s List, we have pulled together a group of the finest musicians to give you free tips, tricks and advice. Use it and abuse it! 

If you would like to find out more about the percussion and read other Percussion Reviews, please do visit our dedicated page here.

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