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Lang Lang Rehearsing At The Royal Albert Hall
Lang Lang
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Stephen Hough
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How Can You Make Important Decisions About Your Musical Instrument Without An Expert?

Well that’s exactly what we are here for. I have a thriving career as a musician, so I don’t need to ‘sell you’ music lessons or expensive courses to make money. My friends and I can simply give real advice as pro-musicians, and that’s what makes us different.

Did you know that to teach music, absolutely no qualification is needed. Nothing. Zip. That means you could be getting advice about what to purchase, tips & techniques from someone who has never formally learnt their instrument.

You’d be surprised the number of piano teachers I ask about the difference between a Steinway and a Fazioli, and they’ve never played on either of them. Or the guitarist who has only ever performed with their own guitar setup; knowing absolutely nothing about what else is on the market.

That’s where our experts come in. And no, unlike other websites which shall remain nameless, our experts are real-life, performing, professional musician. They are the top of their game in either the UK or USA. Some are even household names.

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