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Amazing Music Theory Tutorials
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Hi there...

I’m Robert, and I’m fortunate enough to have been a professional musician since the age of sixteen. However, if my name is Robert, what is the reason my website is called Ted’s List?!

Going all the way back to 2015, I transformed from being a fun-loving young musician, right into a ‘proper adult’! I had a newborn (well my lovely wife did!) – and little Teddy entered the world. And like his father, since he could make music; he has.

And since Ted went to school, I had his pals together with their parents constantly ask me for recommendations on music and studying a musical instrument. So how could I help them?

By making Ted’s List!

Robert Emery

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Stewart Copeland
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Leland Sklar
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Music Theory

Music theory is difficult.  There is no doubt about that.

But it’s not impossible!

When I was learning theory, I was taught in a very ‘old fashioned’ way, that just didn’t make a lot of sense.  So when I started teaching, I was determined to find a better way.

And in my question to find that better way – I realised that music theory wasn’t that difficult after all.  As long as it’s explained in a way our brains understand.

Patterns.  Reasons.  Repetition.  Tricks.

As soon as the patterns become obvious, music theory seems to be a much easier concept to understand.  In fact, it’s exactly like a good old jigsaw puzzle.

You start with 1,000 pieces.  They could go anywhere, in any order.  But when you’ve done the hard work and completed 50% – then you only have half the number to choose from – and more importantly, you have a structure already in front of you to add the pieces into.  It becomes exponentially easier as you progress.

And that’s how our Music Theory Tutorials can help.  We recognise that theory is a giant puzzle – and the more you understand on one subject, the easier another subject becomes.

So dive in now, and give yourself the best chance at understanding.