Beginner's Guide To Learning Percussion

Getting started with learning percussion

Our Beginner’s Guide To Learning Percussion has important guidance and various tips that will help you learn percussion the right way. We do believe that this guide to percussion is the best resource you can find on the internet for this particular group of instruments. No time to wait, let’s jump in… 

Beginner'S Guide To Learning The Percussion

Percussion is a very interesting group of musical instruments. Do you want to learn how to play them? If so, you need to do research before anything else. Start your learning journey by reading our Beginner’s Guide To Learning The Percussion with this article. 

Here is our top 10 list of the best facts about percussion.

Choosing the right percussion instrument is very important, especially for beginners. But there are so many options out there, it can be very hard to choose for yourself. Don’t worry, because our team of experts here at Ted’s List will help you every step of the way. 

There are two methods of learning the percussion. You can watch instructional videos on the internet, buy instructional DVDs, or learn via a mobile app. Or you could go for in-person lessons with a dedicated teacher. In learning how to play percussion, however, it’s critical to pick which learning method fits your preferences perfectly. 

It’s vital to do research on an instrument before deciding to learn it. Our Beginner’s Guide To Learning The Percussion is a great place for starters. It is a comprehensive resource for learners everywhere. However, it’s sometimes just best for you to jump in and play. We can help give you a confidence boost to do just that. 

Learning percussion requires you to master percussion technique early on. It will be an easier path to great musicianship if you make sure to get the technique right early. However, getting it wrong will make you run into all sorts of problems. If you want to avoid that, focus on mastering technique.

Playing the percussion is an altogether different skill compared to reading percussion sheet music. Consider this similar to how reading and writing always go together but are still two different skills. That’s how it is with instruments and sheet music reading.  We recommend categorising these skills into two so you can make things easier. 

Musicians, like everybody else, have good days and bad days. But the thing that separates great musicians from good ones is their knack to motivate themselves to practise even during the bad days. If you want to learn that, you can start by reading our guide to practising percussion. 

Everything you need to know about percussion, in a single Percussion FAQ page.

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