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Well hello!

I’m Robert, and I’m fortunate enough to have been a professional musician since the age of sixteen. However, if my name is Robert, what is the reason my website is called Ted’s List?!

Going all the way back to 2015, I transformed from being a fun-loving young musician, right into a ‘proper adult’! I had a newborn (well my lovely wife did!) – and little Teddy entered the world. And like his father, since he could make music; he has.

And since Ted went to school, I had his pals together with their parents constantly ask me for recommendations on music and studying a musical instrument. So how could I help them?

By making Ted’s List!

Robert Emery

Would You Like To Become A Great Musician?

Well lucky for you, we will help!

The Ted’s List authors are all amazing, professional musicians. Because of their experience, no one can assist you to better; especially as there appears to be plenty of poor advice on other websites…

There is absolutely no qualification necessary to teach music. Absolutely nothing at all. Alarming, I realize – but a fact. What this means actually, is that you might be receiving improper advice from someone calling themselves a ‘professional musician’; but who has never properly qualified.

You’d be surprised at the number of musicians I ask about the difference between a full-range speaker and a mid-range speaker, and they don’t know the answer!

That is where our professionals come in. And no, unlike other websites which shall remain nameless, our pros are real-life, performing, specialist musicians. They are the very best in the business, either in the United Kingdom or America. Some are even famous names. And all enjoy publishing speaker reviews!

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So come on, and join us. We have loads of fun with the 4-Feature Friday, and you never know what you might find…