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Trombone | Getting Started

Playing a Trombone instrument can be massive fun, especially if you are starting young and choosing one of those funky coloured plastic pBones!  But regardless of the age you start playing, starting an instrument from the very beginning can have quite a steep learning curve. 

You will also want to consider a professional teacher vs learn by yourself from books and videos.  For a brass instrument, we would suggest getting a great teacher. The shape and position of your lips, facial muscles, tongue and teeth make a massive difference when playing a trombone.  The technical term for this is called the embouchure, and it’s very, very important.  It really can be the difference of you actually making a sound – or not… 

One of the things to remember about learning an instrument is that it doesn’t matter how talented you are; there are no shortcuts.  So learn methodically with a teacher who is recommended.

The Ted’s List Trombone Tutorials will help you enormously.  Our advice can run alongside your trombone lessons, to help and guide you in the right direction.

If you would like to find out more about your brass instrument and read other Trombone Reviews, please do visit our dedicated page here.

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