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Arts Digital acquires

Robert Emery, the CEO of Ted’s List, is proud to announce that is now part of the Ted’s List family.  Arts Digital Ltd, the parent company of Ted’s List, has acquired in December 2023.

Cream were a British rock band that formed in 1966 – and their music and legacy live on.  When we realised their domain name was for sale, it made sense for Ted’s List to acquire it, so we can link our Ted’s List profile of Cream.

Robert Emery says “Cream were a band that I’ve loved all my life.  When we first created Ted’s List, I thought they should be one of the first bands to have an artist profile on our Artist section.  So when we were approached to purchase the Cream2005 brand, I jumped at the chance.”

Some of the articles we are now developing as a result of this acquisition include:

Top Headphones For Keyboard Piano Players

Best Bass Guitar Pedals For Beginners

How Much Does An Electric Guitar Cost?

Electric Guitar Types

Acoustic vs Electric Guitar Strings

20 Best Guitar Strings




Robert Emery created Ted’s List during the lockdown of Covid-19.  

Aside from entertaining audiences world-wide, he tries to inspire the young musicians of tomorrow.  Ted’s List can help enormously with this task, as all the writers are world-class, professional musicians.  Ted’s List covers all instruments, from Bass Guitar through to Violin and Drums.  Each instrument has a set of dedicated help articles, giving instructional advice on how to play the instrument, and how to improve.  

There are also informative reviews based on specific instruments, to help the musician choose the best instrument for them.



All press enquires go to:

Paul Smith – Head of Press/PR
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