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JacksonGuitarPalace.Com is now part of the Ted's List family! Acquired
Ted'S List Dno

Arts Digital makes another acquisition

The Founder of Ted’s List, Robert Emery, is very proud to announce that  is now part of the Ted’s List family.  Arts Digital Ltd, the parent company of Ted’s List, has acquired in January 2023.

The team at Arts Digital believe that the brand can be expanded from the original guitar site, and merged into the fabulous resources that Ted’s List guitar section offers.

As specialised in providing valuable information on guitars, we have added extra articles to our Guitar pages.  These include dedicated articles on Dave Mustaine and Chris Holmes, two fabulous guitarists.

They also featured a lot of other guitars and guitarists, so we have incorporated some of their content here.

Robert Emery has said “I’m very excited that is joining our musical family.  The site had a great following, and we hope to do it justice by expanding all the content onto Ted’s List”

To find out more information about Ted’s List and guitars, please visit our Best Brand of Electric Guitars, 14 Electric Guitar Kits For Beginners, and the 21 Essential Guitar Accessories here.




Robert Emery created Ted’s List during the lockdown of Covid-19.  Aside from entertaining audiences world-wide, he tries to inspire the young musicians of tomorrow.  Ted’s List can help enormously with this task, as all the writers are world-class, professional musicians.  Ted’s List covers all instruments, from Electric Guitar through to Violin and Clarinet.  Each instrument has a set of dedicated help articles, giving instructional advice on how to play the instrument, and how to improve.  There are also informative reviews based on specific instruments, to help the musician choose the best instrument for them.



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