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Arts Digital makes acquisition of piano company

Ted’s List is proud to announce that is now part of the Ted’s List team.  The parent company of Ted’s List, Arts Digital Ltd, has acquired My Piano Footrest in January 2023.

Robert Emery says “as a child (and a small one at that), learning the piano was difficult, not just because my fingers wouldn’t stretch – but also because I couldn’t easily sit at such a high instrument.  My feet were always dangling – which is more uncomfortable than you think.  It’s for this reason I decided to acquire the fabulous company My Piano Footrest, and bring them into the Ted’s List family.”

As the original inventor of this piano stool said: “Since 2004, we have been building the best piano footrest on the market. Our current footrest is a culmination of years of refinement, based on input from teachers and students from all over the country. We have added GREAT features, obsess over the tiniest details and deliver a footrest that is high in quality – You can rest assured, this is the best valued piano footrest on the market. We encourage you to spend time and view all the pages on our website to learn more. From design to manufacturing, we pay careful attention to detail every step of the way.  Our stool is the VERY best & most affordable piano footrest”

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Robert Emery created Ted’s List during the lockdown of Covid-19.  Aside from entertaining audiences world-wide, he tries to inspire the young musicians of tomorrow.  Ted’s List can help enormously with this task, as all the writers are world-class, professional musicians.  

Ted’s List covers all instruments, from Electric Guitar through to Violin and Piano.  Each instrument has a set of dedicated help articles, giving instructional advice on how to play the instrument, and how to improve.  There are also informative reviews based on specific instruments, to help the musician choose the best instrument for them.



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