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Educational Online Music Platform; Ted's List Offers Young Learners Tools Through Social Media Competition

Ted'S List Musical Instruments
Ted'S List Dno

Famous Conductor and Music Producer Robert Emery (RDCE) launches a new website to help inspire young musicians.

For famous Conductor and Music Producer Robert Emery, 2020 was going to be his busiest year yet. He had conducting performances lined up in America, Australia, New Zealand, Vienna, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and China. Then Coronavirus happen.

We were all thrust into lockdown – no escape from our homes. His wife had a baby, and his four-year-old, Teddy was climbing the walls. Besides ‘being Dad’, he decided it was time to help his fellow musicians in their time of need, whilst not being allowed onto a stage.

Watching Teddy do his Violin practice, Emery remembered the idea of creating the ‘bible of musical instruments and music education’; and Ted’s List was born.

All articles are written by world-class professionals in their field.  Ted’s List has a roster of writers that include players in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra and National Symphony Orchestra to name but a few.

Launching early 2021, is THE go-to community if you need advice or reviews on anything related to music & instruments.




Robert Emery created Ted’s List during the lockdown of Covid-19.  Aside from entertaining audiences world-wide, he tries to inspire the young musicians of tomorrow.  Ted’s List can help enormously with this task, as all the writers are world-class, professional musicians.  Ted’s List covers all instruments, from Electric Guitar through to Violin and Clarinet.  Each instrument has a set of dedicated help articles, giving instructional advice on how to play the instrument, and how to improve.  There are also informative reviews based on specific instruments, to help the musician choose the best instrument for them.


All press enquires go to:

Paul Smith – Head of Press/PR
[email protected]