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Arts Digital acquires the Singing Bones Podcast

Robert Emery, the CEO of Ted’s List, is proud to announce that is now part of the Ted’s List family.  Arts Digital Ltd, the parent company of Ted’s List, has acquired in February 2024.

The Singing Bones Podcast was dedicated to exploring fairy tales, folklore, and myth through retellings and interviews with artists and writers. It is a podcast that looks at the origin of fairy tales, and how they became the stories we know today.

 Launched in 2016, the podcast covered topics such as Beauty and The Best, The Pied Piper, and even Snow White.

Robert Emery says “Although this is an unusual acquisition for us, it’s an important one.  The Singing Bones Podcast has a lot of fans around the world, and although the original creators couldn’t keep it going, we hope to.  Podcasts have proven themselves to be a massive art form in the past five years, and I have full confidence it’ll just continue to grow.”

As the quality of the podcast is all about the technology used to record the episodes, we have created a set of tutorials to help anyone else who may want to dive into the world of podcasting.  These tutorials include:





Robert Emery created Ted’s List during the lockdown of Covid-19.  

Aside from entertaining audiences world-wide, he tries to inspire the young musicians of tomorrow.  Ted’s List can help enormously with this task, as all the writers are world-class, professional musicians.  Ted’s List covers all instruments, from Bass Guitar through to Violin and Drums.  Each instrument has a set of dedicated help articles, giving instructional advice on how to play the instrument, and how to improve.  

There are also informative reviews based on specific instruments, to help the musician choose the best instrument for them.



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