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Beginner Trumpet - Top 10 Tips

Beginner Trumpet – Top 10 Tips

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So you want to learn the Trumpet but don’t know how to start? Our beginner trumpet – top 10 tips should help you…

Trumpet players, once they overcome the starter stage, turn out to be obsessed with their instrument. They love learning music, and their plan is to learn Trumpet as quickly as possible.

But what is the simplest way to start?

How will you improve without getting anxious? How will you keep having a great time but nonetheless work hard?

The answer: Creating a strong practice strategy. You definitely were not born with the knowledge of HOW to practice effectively, hence it’s something you’ll need to find out…

So the following is our set of ten best tips to help you learn better, more quickly, and stronger. If you like what you read, please do comment at the bottom (and remember to share it with your friends!)



The aim is to sit in a way that allows you to get the air down the trumpet in the easiest way possible. I like to imagine two pieces of string, one pulling me up from the top of my head and the other pulling forward at a 45-degree angle from my chest – like a puppet!

This upright posture gives you a nice straight back which you can combine with two feet firmly on the ground for the ideal trumpet playing position to produce the best sound.

You might find it interesting that I place posture as tip number one, ABOVE the whole discussion about embouchure (the shape of our lips whilst we play), your mouthpiece, and your upper lip. This demonstrates how important I think posture is…



Without air, we can’t make a sound on the trumpet. Without our lips making that strange shape (called an embouchure), we can’t make a sound on the trumpet. Get the hint? Air is pretty important when it comes to trumpet playing!

There are countless theories on the best type of breath for trumpet playing but in general, we’re looking for a relaxed in-breath followed by a firm airstream out. Try breathing in time with the music that you’re about to play, filling up with a ‘Wow’ sound which should keep the in-breath free and open (very similar to a three-part yoga breath).

This breathing exercise will help with your embouchure as well. We need to keep your lip in good order!



Keep your concentration levels up from the first breath into the very end of the last note you play. You’d be amazed how many trumpet players work for countless hours on that perfect attack without giving a second thought to how it’s going to end. All the notes you play are important!

Another common place where we tend to drift off is whilst counting rests and remembering key signatures. Keep your mind on top form as well as your chops to take your playing to the next level.