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How To Choose A Recorder

Congratulations! You are about to buy your first Recorder...

Choosing which Recorder to purchase can be exhilarating, if not just a little challenging. As part of our ‘Beginner’s Guide To Learning The Recorder’ series, this section will help you start your journey as you mean to go on.

How To Choose A Recorder

Which Recorder Should I Buy?

Recorderhow To Choose A Recorder

The recorder family is made up of lots of different instruments in all shapes sizes! Many recorder players own several different recorders but most children start off with a descant and most adults begin on a treble recorder.

These are all the members of the recorder family in size order:

  • Garklein
  • Sopranino
  • Descant
  • Treble (Alto)
  • Tenor
  • Bass
  • Great Bass
  • Contra Bass
  • Sub-Great Bass
  • Sub-Contra Bass

What Should My Recorder Be Made Out Of?

How To Choose A Recorder

Do I Need Keys On My Recorder?

Some recorders come with the option of adding extra keys to make it easier to play certain notes. The most common keys to add are:

  • C/C sharp
  • F/G comfort key

You can also buy recorders with a Knick which is a little kink to make it easier to reach all the keys.

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How To Choose A Recorder - Summary

Recorders hold their value pretty well so it is possible to sell on your current instrument if you want to upgrade after a few years. How big are your hands? Some of the larger recorders may be difficult to play if your fingers can’t reach the keys easily. Booking your recorder in for a service with a woodwind repairer every 18 months will keep your instrument in peak working order.

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