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Singer FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

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Singing Faq'S

Choosing A Singing Style

What are the different types of singing styles?

The most common singing styles are classical (including opera), pop, rock, country, blues & jazz, and hip hop.

Broadly speaking, apart from classical, the remaining styles can fall under the subcategory of pop singing.

What singing style should I choose?

The two factors to consider when choosing a singing style are the type of voice you have, and the type of music you enjoy singing.

Different singing styles suit different voices, so you may find that the sound of your particular voice works well in a particular genre.

It is also important to choose a singing style that you enjoy, so choosing a style of music you enjoy listening to is a good start.


How do I take care of my singing voice?

As a singer, your voice is your musical instrument, and it needs to be taken care of just like any other. 

The most obvious way to take care of your singing voice is to avoid shouting and whispering. Both of these actions put a strain on your vocal cords in different ways, and the damage from this can take quite some time to heal.

Can you permanently damage your singing voice?

There are various ways you can permanently damage your vocal cords, including smoking, signing too loudly, singing with poor technique, or using your voice when you are unwell.

Most of this damage can be healed over time, but there are some signs that will suggest vocal cord paralysis has occurred. These include loss of vocal pitch, increased need to take in a breath, and the inability to speak loudly.


Is it possible to train your voice to sing higher?

Extending your vocal range should only be done with the aid of recognised singing techniques. Otherwise, it is close to impossible and could be dangerous. 

Methods include focusing on vocal health, taking your time, warming up gradually, and doing regular exercises.

How can I improve my singing voice?

The best way to improve your singing voice is to sing for at least half an hour every day. This length of the session will give you time to warm up your vocal cords, but it is short enough to avoid straining them.

Breathing exercises are a great way to strengthen your diaphragm, which will give you far greater control over your voice.

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General Singer FAQs

Can you start singing at any age?

You are never too young to start singing. Many children start singing before they have started school, and it is possible to start without any musical experience.

Similarly, you are never too old to start singing. Many people join a local choir after retirement and find a new lease of life in their newfound skill.

What are the six voice types?

The most common voice types are Soprano (highest), Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Bass. Most adult choirs split the singers into four sections; Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.

Falling into one of these categories isn’t a life sentence, with some people changing voice types as their voice matures (normally from higher to lower).

How can you tell if you can sing?

A good singer has good control of their voice, a nice tone to their voice, pronounces words clearly, and doesn’t need to strain to reach notes at the high or low end of the accepted range of their voice type. If you are straining to reach certain notes it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t sing. It may just mean that you are a different voice type than you think you are.

Singer Faq'S
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