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Double Bass Review

Double Bass.

Double Bass reviews, articles, and tips for beginners and beyond

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The modern-day Double Bass is descended from a 15th-century group of instruments called the Viola da Gamba family.

Until the 20th century, a standard Double Bass would have three strings, but four strings are now the standard, with some instruments also adding a fifth.

As well as its original use in classical music, the Double Bass can now be found in many genres, including jazz, pop and folk.

Double Bass. Specs

A standard Double Bass has four strings, tuned to the notes of E, A, D and G.

The strings were originally made from catgut, but in modern times they are usually steel.

The strings are attached to the four tuning pegs, which are used to alter the pitch. They are strung over the bridge, which raises them above the fingerboard.

How To Play

The size of the Double Bass means that it needs to be played in an upright position, with the player either sat on a high stool or standing up.

The most common way to Double Bass is to scrape the strings with a bow, which is normally made from wood and horsehair.

Another technique is the pluck the strings with one hand, which produces a very different sound from using the bow.

did you know

The instrument gets its name from its original musical role, which was to double the bass line of large ensembles.

Love deep bass? Then the octobass is for you! This massive double bass stands at 3.48m tall and is too big to play with the hands – there are elaborate foot-pedals to make it possible.