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Pink Piccolo


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The Piccolo is a smaller version of the concert Flute. Both of these instruments evolved from simple flutes used by the military in the Middle Ages.

Since the 18th century, the Piccolo has been an established part of the orchestra, often playing an octave higher than the Flute or the Violins.

Piccolo. Specs

Piccolos are usually made from wood or metal. They have a range of nearly three octaves, spanning from D5 to C8, although some instruments can be expanded down to B4 using additional foot joints.

An average Piccolo is about 32cm long, less than half the length of a standard Flute.

How To Play

The Piccolo is held horizontally, with the bottom end pointing to the right of the player. There is a lip plate towards the top of the instrument, which should be placed underneath your bottom lip. You need to blow air towards the hole above the lip plate to produce a note.

Piccolo players place a finger on each of the instrument’s keys, and the note that’s produced depends on which of these keys are open and closed.

did you know

World word “Piccolo” literally means “small” in Italian.

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