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Trumpet Reviews


Trumpet reviews, articles, and tips for beginners and beyond

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Metal Trumpets from as far back as 1500BC have been found by archaeologists. They were even discovered in the grave of King Tut in Egypt. Earlier versions were made from animal horns, and were used during hunting and by the military.

The Trumpet began being used as a musical instrument at the end of the Middle Ages, but early examples were very limited in terms of how many notes they could produce.

A great deal of Trumpet development happened during the 18th century, with the introduction of crooks (or shanks), which had originally been added to Horns. However, it was the introduction of valves towards the end of the century which saw the birth of the modern Keyed Trumpet.

Trumpet. Specs

Trumpets are normally made from metal, although there are some plastic models on the market too.

The main components are a detachable mouthpiece, a set of valves (most commonly three), and a flared bell at the end of the instrument.

The various types of Trumpet are pitched in different keys, the most popular being Bb.

The range of the instrument varies depending on the capabilities of the players, but it is at least three octaves.

How To Play

To produce a sound from a Trumpet you need to make a buzzing sound with your lips into the mouthpiece. 

Three of the fingers on your right hand need to be placed on the Trumpet’s valves, which serve to change the pitch of the note you are playing, by opening and closing various lengths of tubing.

did you know

If you unravelled the tubing of a standard Trumpet and laid it out flat, the length would be taller than the average person!