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Flute Review


Flute reviews, articles, and tips for beginners and beyond

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The original Flutes were the oldest woodwind instruments, dating back to nearly 1000 BC. Early flutes were either played horizontally or vertically, but the modern instrument is played exclusively horizontally.

The modern Flute is based on the innovations of Theobald Boehm, a German inventor, with his designs forming the basis of instruments used by amateur and professional players alike.

Flute. Specs

Flutes are usually made from wood or metal. They have a range of three octaves, spanning from C4 to C7, although some instruments can be expanded down to B3 using an additional foot joint.

An average Flute is 66cm long, and splits into three separate pieces for transport.

How To Play

The Flute is held horizontally, with the bottom end pointing to the right of the player.

There is a lip plate towards the top of the instrument, which should be placed underneath your bottom lip. You need to blow air towards the hole above the lip plate to produce a note.

Flute players place a finger on each of the instrument’s keys, and the note that’s produced depends on which of these keys are open and closed.

did you know

George Washington, James Madison and Leonardo da Vinci all played the Flute.

Flute Top 10 Tricks

Top 10 Tricks