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Viola Review


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You may be surprised to learn that the Viola is likely to be the oldest of the main string instruments, appearing in its modern form before the Violin, Cello and Double Bass.

The original Violas were wider and larger than the instruments we recognise today, but they have fundamentally remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

Viola. Specs

A Viola has four strings, tuned to the notes of C, G, D and A. They were originally made from catgut, but in modern times they are usually steel.

The strings are attached to the four tuning pegs, which are used to alter the pitch. They are strung over the bridge, which raises them above the fingerboard.

How To Play

Much like the violin, the Viola is held under the chin, with one hand supporting it, with your fingers on the fingerboard.

The most common way to play the Viola is to scrape the strings with a bow, which is normally made from wood and horsehair.

Another technique is the pluck the strings with one hand, which produces a very different sound from using the bow.

did you know

The most expensive Viola of all time had a guide price of $45 million!

A bargain compared to the most expensive violin which sold at auction for $60 million!

Viola Top 10 Tricks

Top 10 Tricks




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