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Bass Guitar

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The first Bass Guitar was developed during the 1930s, by an American called Paul Tutmac. It had four strings, a single pickup, and was described as a Bass Fiddle!

The instrument was comparatively rare until the early 1950s, at which point it started being mass-produced by Fender. The Fender Precision Bass (or P-Bass as it is often known) became the benchmark for all future instruments, and there are models on sale today that differ very little from the original prototype.

Bass Guitar Specs

Bass Guitars most commonly have four strings, although it is increasingly common to see five-string instruments. There are also more unusual instruments with six strings, and some novelty instruments with as many as 36 strings!

The strings are fixed to the bridge at one end of the instrument, and the tuning keys at the other. The fingerboard (used for changing the pitch of the notes) runs along the whole neck of the instrument, and there are pickups underneath the strings, in the middle of the main body.

How To Play

The Bass Guitar is either played with the fingers or a small plastic triangle called a plectrum, which is used to pick at the strings. If you are right handed you should place your left hand on the fingerboard (to change the pitch of the strings), and use your right hand to pluck the strings or hold the plectrum.

did you know

The most sought after model of Bass Guitar in the world is a 1960-62 Fender Jazz Bass. An instrument in a standard sunburst finish can fetch up to $21k, whereas a custom-colour finish can fetch nearly $40k!